Applications to protect your mobile

Many of us are pending our device lock but sometimes the screen lock is not enough, we have a short, reason why we are looking for thousands of applications for our device and this becomes more secure in the protection of our information.

These applications will serve in the event that you want to protect your applications and that no one can invade your privacy or dig your data individually.

Why is recommend you some applications so you can protect your mobile:

  • Lockdown



It is an application of lock in which is you give a personal touch to the time of use features Lockdown to grant us protection and can be hidden images, videos and other.

  • AppLock


It is one of the applications popular, same structure of configuration and functions presenting as an application, such as power block calls and even avoid that I will uninstall any application on your device.

With AppLock you can block certain images of your gallery so that no more to see, is very easy to use.

AppLock avoid you concerns as your co-worker wants to see more account information, when we have a minor family member want to enter games and buy additional packages, or even very personal discussions.

Now you’ll have your information under lock and key.

  • LOCX

In terms of applications more accessible and fast set we find LOCX, on the other hand, many applications take space in memory and do not generate us a whole comfort, but LOCK is more lightweight and occupies a minimum amount of memory, is advertising-free, does not warrant costs. LOCK is ideal for protecting your applications directly and original.

  • Smart AppLock free

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock

It is one application more lightweight for your Android, has different functions in your configuration, it is simple compared to the others. This App is very simple by the blocking chart that you provides and the best thing is that it gives you a low power consumption.

  •  App Defender

App Defender
App Defender

It is an application of blocking a little more sophisticated since it allows you to take a picture to the user when you enter the password incorrectly five times in a row.

App defend is characterized by providing you a single additional protection for each application and ready.

  • Privacy Protector

Privacy Protector

Privacy Protector

Protective privacy gives us not only security but also a touch of sophistication so that your protection is instant and not boring, allows you to customize it as blocking incoming and outgoing calls. Among the types of lock that provides you are patterns, PIN, password.

Applications and security for your iPhone

Blocking of applications and security for your iPhone

 applications iPhone and locks
applications iPhone and locks

We can now count on multiple locks applications, therefore the operational Apple gives us various applications that you can have within reach of a click. You can download these locks apps from App Store and Cydia, so give security to our iPhone and all contents of private information.

Among applications for your iPhone crashes we have:



It is one of the very attractive applications because this proposal offers us control and detect who wants access to our phone, ICaughtU allows us to even locate it in case of theft or loss and detect the intrusive person who wants to check the contents of your phone. With ICaughtU you can set the number of maximum attempts to access your information and take a photo to the person who tries to unlock your device to then send your email address, in addition, can record the location and time.

Another alternative that ICaughtU gives you is that you can set a custom message so that when the person want to unlock your iPhone, the message can be indicated phone number to allow the person who finds it and is “honored” to communicate and return your device. It often happens, we lose nothing.

Dot Lock Protection Pro

Dot Lock

Dot Lock

While it is true many of the application blocking have a configuration almost in common, but we can not omit things that differ, such as design and fashion also in how these locks are configured, so Dot Lock gives you a plus.

This blocking of applications allows us to store images and videos in a way organized in folders, which means that it is has a pattern for each folder. Dot Lock will ensure you have very well stored your pictures or videos, and avoid that they deletion of the reel.



Locktopus is a very well known and available in Cydia.

Locktopus allows us to choose a master password to open applications designating one to lock, is very easy, just go to one of the icons of your device and press, once done this own icon will show a new symbol that is represented by a padlock, pressing this new symbol is blocked or unblock a password.

This application blocking is practical since you don’t have to make so many settings you can block your privacy, it is simple, only downloaded once you have to press the icon chosen and ready, you can lock and unlock instantaneously.

Block applications for your Smartphone

It is usual for the human being every day to match with mobile devices by which Android offers us various security systems so that our information this protected, the shape is very accessible as on any device addressing configuration or settings, this procedure is very easy to make and even useful for the security of your phone.

With the passing of the days not only is to observed the protection on your screen but that applications have increased by which also you’ll have custom in certain applications to choose protection.

Lock Applications
Lock Applications

You may not always have view your own cell by this in the least mistake you’ll be to the expectation that someone can see your information, such as emails, conversations and Whatsapp, therefore in this space you dare some recommendations about some application crashes and you done more quickly to control a situation uncomfortable.

These application blocks are easy to configure, manage and you can have them at your fingertips at Google Play Store store, remember that the idea is not to download applications that finally, it is important to have criteria at the time in gathering information about these blocks of applications.

Among one of them have to App Lock which is an application blocking more popular so you will have the security and certainty that anyone to have access to your Whatsapp, mail, calendar, and others. You can block with the use of a simple pattern.

App Lock
App Lock

One of them is Smart App Protector, which uses a very clever application blocking and sophisticated, this is one of the applications a bit more complex since its own system gives you the mega-diversity of types of locks, Smart App Protector also guarantees protection of your apps, gives you an option to own be able to disable these locks with remote mode that unlock your device with just to detect the wifi network , and so easy we can send the release at the right time.

Smart App Protector
Smart App Protector

These are one of the many boqueos of applications that will help you improve your device protection, from the most simple as App Lock which is rrecomendable for those people who dislikes both the settings and that the blockade is not so tedious, and on the other hand we have a Smart App Protector which is a much more sophisticated and not so easy to decipher. Use already! Don’t wait!

Pattern lock

The diversity of application blocking, there is one very common and perhaps the most used by users like you and I are talking about blocking pattern in our devices.

Every day we are exposed to be victims of theft of information, very personal things and therefore we refer to the content that we store in our devices, lock gives you an additional to our security. Applications for pattern lock is a lock safe and easy to remember because it gives you the reliability of protecting your Inbox from input, contacts, photos, Gallery, music, videos from Facebook and all personal information that you store on your phone.

Between applications with pattern lock found one in particular as; lock screen pattern which is a very easy to install and download, application protects your privacy, prevent access to your phone in an illegal way, this application not only lock protects your device but it helps you to save battery and give a touch in designs such as change the shape of the decorative buttons by touch (love (, hearts, stars, flowers, etc.).

 lock pattern
lock pattern

Even though we know the use of patterns in our device is a way comfortable to make a protection on our phone, we know that at the time of release are slightly the shape of the pattern or rather is visible before certain people, it becomes not so reliable at times, but thats not inconvenient you can disable the display pattern in security settings and be quiet (or) know now that your device will have greater security because the pattern you will not be visible in the eyes of others.

If the case does not remember the selected pattern an alternative would be to make a call from another phone to our so that the screen is enabled and at the time of answering the call is hara more feasible to enter the option menu and settings to disable the option of pattern and you can login to your phone. Keep in mind that for a next time you’ll have more careful at the time of registering a pattern that is not so easy to remember.

In case is not the first choice of not remembering the selected pattern, you have to do is remain calm because if by hurry we want and try to set the pattern more than once what we will achieve is to block and that the device sends us to wait seconds to enter the pattern if you remember it to not be so we will have to access our Google account and be able to corroborate with the mail and the mobile number registered, the pattern used to deactivate the lock.

Dragon, Fly! para android

Hay muchos momentos donde no nos apetece ponernos a jugar a juegos android con una gran trama, sino todo lo contrario, algo simple pero que a la vez nos haga divertirnos. El juego que os presentamos hoy cumple con esta función a rajatabla.

Dragon, Fly! es un juego android donde tenemos que desplazar por los valles y montañas a un pequeño dragón que está siendo perseguido por su madre.

Tanto su mecanismo como sus controles son muy sencillos. Simplemente tenemos que pulsar la pantalla para que el dragón descienda ladera abajo. Conforme cojamos mayor velocidad mejor, ya que podremos recorrer mucho territorio antes de que nos pille la “madre dragón”, que es el objetivo primordial del juego.

En este vídeo lo puedes ver mejor:



En Dragon, Fly! podemos encontrar diferentes tipos de dragones que se diferencian primordialmente por el color.

El sonido anima mucho al juego.

El juego es muy monótono, pero como hemos dicho antes, es ideal para jugar en el autobús, esperando en la clínica del médico… etc.

Puedes descargar Dragon, Fly! para android desde aquí:

One Epic Game, un juego bastante desenfrenado

En el juego que presentamos hoy se mezcla por un lado el humor y por otro la acción desenfrenada.

One Epic Game es un juego android  que parodia momentos como la época medieval, las guerras mundiales, la invasión zombie y extraterrestre, el infierno… etc, donde nos metemos de lleno en la piel de un superhéroe musculado y con un gran arsenal de armas.

El mecanismo del jugo muy fácil: nuestro protagonista va corriendo por todo el nivel y nosotros simplemente tenemos que encargarnos de saltar y con las armas destruir todos los objetivos que se nos cruzan por en medio. Puede que de primeras suene monótono y aburrido, pero para nada es así ya que cada pantalla nueva tiene algo innovador.

One Epic Game tiene varios modos de juego: el modo historia, donde tenemos que ir superando misiones y algunos objetivos (y que cuenta con cinco mundos). También dispone del modo libre donde el principal objetivo es llegar lo más lejos posible.No falta tampoco una sección dedicada a los logros y desafíos.


El juego ha sido lanzado por la empresa Grip Games, que se estrena en android tras sacar varios juegos para otras plataformas.

No podemos destacar mucho sus gráficos, pero si su animación.

Apalabrados, la versión virtual de Scrabble en Android

Hemos podido apreciar en el Android Market muchos juegos android que son adaptaciones de los clásicos juegos de mesa de toda la vida, como Monopoly. El juego que os presentamos hoy es uno de ellos.

Apalabrados es un juego android adaptado del famoso juego de mesa Scrabble, donte tenemos que ir uniendo letras para formar palabras. Es totalmente online.

Una vez descargado el juego simplemente tenemos que registrarnos y decidir en que idioma (hay un gran abanico de opciones) y con quien jugar. Si sabemos de algun amigo que juegue, simplemente tenemos que meter su nick para jugar con él; sino sabemos de nadie que juegue, podemos buscar partidas aleatorias.

Su interfaz está muy trabajada, es muy limpia y sencilla.

Al ser un juego totalmente online, para jugar tenemos que estar conectados a Internet. Si por algún motivo perdemos la conexión, la partida que estemos jugando no se pierde. Se juega por turnos y siempre que nuestro contrincante a acabado su turno, nos avisan.

Hay dos versiones de Apalabrados, la gratuita (donde hay bastante publicidad, aunque no es molesta), y una versión de pago (sin publicidad) que puedes comprar por 1,43€.

1to50, uno de los juegos más adictivos para Android

En el Android Market hay una infinidad de juegos, de todos los tipos y de diferentes temáticas. También podemos encontrar juegos donde desafiarnos a nosotros mismos y el que os presentamos hoy es uno de ellos.

1to50 es un juego android donde tenemos que ordenar los números del 1 al 50 luchando contra el cronómetro. 

Es así de simple, en la pantalla nos aparece una serie de números esparcidos al azar y tenemos que ir tocando uno a uno desde el primero hasta el cincuenta.

Podemos guardar nuestros records y compararlos con los que se publican en el ranking online, organizado por territorios.

Es un juego donde desafiarte a ti mismo y mejorar tu agilidad con los dedos. Y ten cuidado si empiezas a jugar porque… ¡es muy adictivo!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Esto es lo que todos los rebeldes nerd han estado esperando, el lanzamiento de la muy esperada edición Angry Birds Star Wars. El factor crítico de éxito de la franquicia de Star Wars y el fenómeno de Rovio llevó a Angry Birds a unirse como uno solo, podría ser anunciado como una receta espectacularmente obvia para el éxito.

Uno sólo puede imaginar la plétora de un juego interminable de palabras que vendrán con él sin embargo, y eso está bien, porque sabemos que va a valer la pena. Debajo está el mejor que hemos leído hasta ahora, cortesía de los escritores brillantes en Pocketgamer:

“Simplemente sentí una gran perturbación en la fuerza, como si millones de nerds de repente gritaron de terror y de repente fueron silenciados”.

Parece a primera vista que se trata de un mallazo del tradicional juego de aves enojado, con el motor de física de Angry Birds Space con su complemento de galaxias y gravidades. A continuación, se agita no sacudida, con el maravilloso tema de las guerras de las estrellas que va a sacar a todos los fanáticos de la madera para comprar lo mismo y la mercancía, incluso si nunca han comprado el juego Angry Birds antes.

Angry Birds Star Wars está disponible para todos los usuarios de iPhone y iPad de Australia, así como para los usuarios de Android, y cualquier otra persona en todo el mundo por supuesto.