Pattern lock

The diversity of application blocking, there is one very common and perhaps the most used by users like you and I are talking about blocking pattern in our devices.

Every day we are exposed to be victims of theft of information, very personal things and therefore we refer to the content that we store in our devices, lock gives you an additional to our security. Applications for pattern lock is a lock safe and easy to remember because it gives you the reliability of protecting your Inbox from input, contacts, photos, Gallery, music, videos from Facebook and all personal information that you store on your phone.

Between applications with pattern lock found one in particular as; lock screen pattern which is a very easy to install and download, application protects your privacy, prevent access to your phone in an illegal way, this application not only lock protects your device but it helps you to save battery and give a touch in designs such as change the shape of the decorative buttons by touch (love (, hearts, stars, flowers, etc.).

 lock pattern
lock pattern

Even though we know the use of patterns in our device is a way comfortable to make a protection on our phone, we know that at the time of release are slightly the shape of the pattern or rather is visible before certain people, it becomes not so reliable at times, but thats not inconvenient you can disable the display pattern in security settings and be quiet (or) know now that your device will have greater security because the pattern you will not be visible in the eyes of others.

If the case does not remember the selected pattern an alternative would be to make a call from another phone to our so that the screen is enabled and at the time of answering the call is hara more feasible to enter the option menu and settings to disable the option of pattern and you can login to your phone. Keep in mind that for a next time you’ll have more careful at the time of registering a pattern that is not so easy to remember.

In case is not the first choice of not remembering the selected pattern, you have to do is remain calm because if by hurry we want and try to set the pattern more than once what we will achieve is to block and that the device sends us to wait seconds to enter the pattern if you remember it to not be so we will have to access our Google account and be able to corroborate with the mail and the mobile number registered, the pattern used to deactivate the lock.